Riding Shot

Riding Shot

Friday, May 3, 2013

Northern Season Finish, Good to be Home, for a Little

I arrived back home on Wednesday the 1st of May. After just over 24 hours of traveling from Mammoth Lakes.
As a whole it was a great season, with the last contest happening the week before I left they were the Volcom PBRJ finals and the Active Bro Down Showdown.
Saturday morning saw the start of the PBRJ finals. Again in the 16+ division, I was riding pretty well in qualifiers. The Mammoth Unbound park crew had a sick set up going with 3 different zones. Zone 1 was a flat rail to a close out chain link fence then a long down bar slightly to the riders left of the flat bar. Then Zone 2 was a down-flat rail then to a set of stairs and finally zone 3 was a down-flat-down kink rail. As I said I was riding pretty well in Qualifiers and it was enough to put me in to a spot in the 15 man final later that afternoon. I was pretty stoked already. Then about 1:30pm the finals rolled around. Myself and 14 others hiked the course. I was the first to drop in the final and did my safety Back 3 out in zone 2, then I moved over to Zone one, falling a few times before getting my trick to the standard I wanted it to be. It was a Front board back to 50-50 to a back 3 out on the long down bar. Then I moved over to zone 3 and put down a solid back board through the kink. Before the jam ended I moved back to zone 2 and tried half-cab on back 3 out, and got it second try, so the finals went well for me. Easily the best I have ridden in a rail jam contest and easily the hardest rail jam I've ever been in. Kid were throwing down. Although the tricks I did were not enough for the podium, I was happy with how I went.

Then Sunday brought the Brodown around, a jam slopestyle event format. It was the last contest of the season and its not even really a contest. So I just went out there and had fun and put some tricks down, Pretty stoked with some big names in the final. Was still a good time had by all.

3 days later I put out my season edit and Im getting some really good feed back with it being posted on www.aussiesnowboard.com along with Volcom Australia.

Check it out here


July I head back out to NZ, but not before hopefully the ESS Billy Jam and some fun early season laps at opening weekend at Perisher,

Im off to get some school down and some skating

All for now

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Less Contests = More Filming + VANS

So February has been a bit of a down side on competitions as far as amount goes. With only one USASA boarder-cross in the mix over the past weekend, with myself coming out with a 3rd in opens. I had a terrible start was back in 5th place then made my way back up into second before being passed just before the finish to sit back in 3rd. But two 3rds out of two races should hopefully be enough to get me to nationals. Apart from this we also had a little contest called the Mophie Insta-jam, its pretty much a rail jam format contest in which they give out prizes for the best tricks the judges see. I got one of every prize they were giving out and then they stopped giving me prizes for the tricks I was doing.
Heres an edit from the event.
I was wearing the Camo pants with the white Flano

But with less contests has allowed for more tricks to come and more filming to be done.
I myself have put up 2 new edits.

The first is just from 3 days of footage that I sorted of both South Park and Main Park here in Mammoth.
Hence the Title Mainly South. Click it and check it out.


The second from me, is a new tick. Ive been thinking about Doubles for a while. For those who dont know a double really just refers to either a double flip or double cork. Either way its just a way of saying going upside down twice in one trick. So last week I did a couple Cab underflips and decided to try a Cab Double Underflip or Cab Double Underflip. Essentially it is a Double backflip and a Cab 180. Take a look at my Cab Double.


Along with these two edits from myself, my buddy Andre has put out a group edit from most of the crew here Riding with the MJSBT. Got a couple shots in it, solid riding from everyone including JJ Rayward, Andre Escobar, Jed Sky, Grey McCalla, Judd Henkes, Hamish Bagally, Freeman Andrews, Seb Judge, Hugh Marsden and George Scott.

Along with all this news I have myself a New Sponsor, I am super stoked to get involved with Vans, boots and shoes.

And thats all for now.

Keeping you Posted

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Rev tour Tahoe, USASA Boarder-Cross & Slopestyle, Bit of Filming

ITs been a while since I posted anything, but none the less things have been going pretty well.
Firstly, the not so good news. A team from the Mammoth Junior Snowboard crew headed up to Northstar Resort, located in Lake Tahoe California to compete at the first Revolution tour. Wasn't the best contest for me, there was a lot of discussion about how the jumps were build wrong and they kept changing, but this had nothing to do with myself performing unwell. The course was a down flat rail, into a down-flat-down kink rail, into a 3 jump line, I sketched out on my first run, leaving it all up to my second run. My second run was, fronside 50-50 backside 360 out, into gap frontside lip to fakie, into a Cab 5, Backside 720, Frontside 720.
I landed everything, but I sent the second jump deep and didnt have enough time to set up to do the frontside 7 on the big side of the jump line, so I just did a front 7 on the smaller side and it came out in the scores that it just wasnt on. I ended up 51st out of 101.

 Matt and myself on the Stash set up before the contest
Boards Loaded up.

The next event was the day after the Rev Tour, we got into Mammoth at 10:30pm and I was back up at main lodge for the USASA boarder-cross at 7:30am, to register. I was in open mens, as for all USASA events for the rest of the season and I came through with the fastest qualifying time. We then raced a 6 men race straight final. I was in 3rd place out of the gates and then was taken out, by the time I stood up and was back on my feet I was in 5th casing down the others from the first turn. I finished the race in 3rd by less then half a board length. There was some tight racing going on.

The next event was a week later. The first event of Slopestyle for the USASA Mammoth Unbound Series, in open mens again, Mammoth unbound terrain parks put together a sick set up for the event in South Park. It was 3 jumps into either a down tube or down lift tower, then a choice of a flat close-out rail, a down rail, or a flat-down tube. I put my first run down as Cab Underflip 540, Back 7, front 7 into a front lip on the down tube, and finishing with a 50-50 back 3 on the close-out rail, and that was good enough to have me in 1st after the first run, I fell on my second run coming up short on a cab 9, but I my first run was good enough still for 3rd.

Then finally, spent half a day doing some runs while Seb Judge filmed a whole bunch of the Mammoth Junior crew in south park. Check it out, I have the last part in the little edit. Enjoy

Saturday, January 5, 2013

PBRJ and Hole In the Wall

Whats Happening?
Well with me its been regular life for a bit, highs and lows,
Firstly, the Volcom PBRJ (Peanut Butter and Rail Jam) was held in Mammoth about 2 weeks ago, was a really fun event and saw some really heavy riding from everyone. I finished up in 5th place which Iam not to happy with but it was enough to secure my spot at the world PBRJ finals in Mammoth during April later this season. Check out some shots from the event.
Gap Backside Boardslide

Switch FS Boardslide

This saw the last little bunch of contests due to the holiday period, Merry Christmas and Happy New year to everyone by the way. 

Between this event and now, Mammoth had a complete week where it did not stop snowing, we got dumped on, around over a meter fell during one storm and allowed all parks to be built to full extent and all runs open, including the Halfpipe. 

One run I have always wanted to do here in Mammoth called "Hole in the Wall" I was able to do a week ago, it sure was an experience. It is a natural rock formation made by Volcanic activity, and during winter it fills with snow allowing you to snowboard through this cave-like structure. Here is a photo of me after I rode though it. 

And two days after this I got sick, making me couch bond for now 2 days. 
Hopefully get back up there tomorrow with the first Revolution tour just over a week away. 
Will keep it posted here. 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

USASA Rail Jam, First Contest of the Northern Season

I got into Mammoth Lakes,CA on the 1st December, home for the next 5 months. For the first 6 days of being here I got everything sorted, from schoolwork, food for the condo, The riding started slowy, getting my feet and board back under me. Feeling good so far, the weather is good and the terrain parks are better. Mammoth has 7 parks, 3 Pipes, a large SBX course and a contest pretty much every week. The first of these was the USASA Rails event. I entered the open division, and came out with a 3rd place and a good way to start the season.
Heres some pictures

All for now.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Southern Hemisphere Season

I rode at Perisher for a couple of weeks when I got here just getting tricks back, then just as the contests started coming around I got another concussion and had to have a couple of weeks off snow, the worst thing about this was that I had to get all my tricks back again once I started riding again, frustrating as shit. Plus I missed a 4 Star world tour event.

Anyways I rode again then headed back to Australia for the 4 Star World snowboard tour ranked "Mile High" event in Thredbo NSW. There was a lot of big names in this event and I was stoked to be among them. I landed a couple of things, played it safe and ended up 18th after day one, and hoping to try some harder stuff the following day. Although then days 2 and 3 of competition were cancelled due to wind which sucks. 

After this I did a little schools comp which was all schools in NSW, I came 1st in Snowboard-Cross and 2nd in Snowboard-GS. But only a little competition compared to the Mile High, which was opens. 

Following this I came back to NZ and did the Quest-Lib Tech Banked Slalom, and I came 1st in the junior mens part. 

Then the NZ Junior Nationals started
1st slopestyle in the u18s, and highest score of the day.
2nd Slalom
3rd Halfpipe

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Got to have the Bad to have the Good.

Its been a pretty rough season for me, I have had another concussion while snowboarding last week at Breckenridge. I was spinning off the bottom jump in Freeway, Brecks biggest park, and came out of the spin odd and landed directly onto my face. From here I then went to the the Frisco Medical center to be checked out. Once I got the all clear I headed home. Although I'am not aloud to snowboard untill I go home in just under 2 weeks. 

On the bright side, I have been able to get some riding done, and the past couple of days at home have given me the time to put together another edit. 

Click the link 

So my season is over now, I am looking forward to traveling to New Zealand again for the southern hemisphere season. 
Until then Bye, 

Thanks to Volcom Stone, Electric Visual, Radical! Gloves, MadWax and Pacific Prizm Boardstore.